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Responsibility to Protect and Palestine

edited by Coralie Pison Hindawi

June 2019

As Palestinians commemorate the Nakba’s seventy-first anniversary amidst particularly violent Israeli reactions to the ongoing Great March of Return, this virtual roundtable brings together a number of scholars, activists, practitioners, and legal experts with longstanding commitment to justice in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in order to discuss the applicability, usefulness (or lack thereof) and overall significance of the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) doctrine for Palestine.

This roundtable is a first in a series of virtual roundtables organized by the Beirut School for Critical Security Studies. Our goal is for these roundtables to serve as platforms for exchange and discussion.



Regionalisms and New Regional Dynamics

 The ‘New Regionalisms Working Group’ of the Arab Council for Social Sciences held an online workshop on 27 March to discuss themes raised by Adam Hanieh’s working paper on ‘Space, Scale, and Region: Thinking Through the New Dynamics of the Middle East’. The workshop was attended by 20 invited participants from the Middle East, North America, Europe, and Asia.