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recent publications by our faculty on critical security and the Arab region.



Climate Change and the Syrian Civil War Revisited

Jan Selby, Omar S. Dahi, Christiane Fröhlich, Mike Hulme

Political Geography, Vol. 61 (2017) 

This article argues there is no clear and reliable evidence that anthropogenic climate change was a factor in Syria’s pre-civil war drought; that this drought did not cause anywhere near the scale of migration that is often alleged; and that there exists no solid evidence that drought migration pressures in Syria contributed to civil war onset. It finds the Syria case does not support ‘threat multiplier’ views of the impacts of climate change; to the contrary, we conclude policymakers, commentators and scholars alike should exercise far greater caution when drawing such linkages or when securitising climate change.

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The Cartographic Ambiguities of HarassMap

Nicole Sunday Grove

Security Dialogue, Vol. 46(4) 345–364 (2015)

In December 2010, HarassMap was launched as a Cairo-based interactive online mapping interface for reporting and mapping incidents of sexual harassment anonymously and in real time, in Egypt. This article considers the project’s use of spatial information technologies for crowdmapping sexual harassment, and how it raises important questions about the use of crowdsourced mapping as a technique of global human security governance, as well as the techno-politics of interpreting and representing spaces of gendered security and insecurity in Egypt’s urban streetscape.